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South America


If You Can't Make it to South America  We'll Bring South America to You !!!!!!         

How To Say It Right


Que Sazón pronounced "KaySaw-Sone" which means  "What a Flavor" in Spanish          

What Is an Empanada

Empanadas are represented in several South American Countries and Spain all with their own unique styles.

Empanadas are Turnovers stuffed with delectable fillings. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition several people like to enjoy them as desserts! 

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What is an Arepa

An Arepa is one of the most popular foods in South America especially in Venezuela and Colombia.

Arepas can be Topped with any type of meat, Cheese and/or salsa. An Arepa would be comparable to what a taco is for the Mexican Cuisine. Arepa's are corn pancakes that can be baked, grilled or fried.

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Where to Find Us

Que Sazon visits several locations during the week for lunch! Check out where to find us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or  just text or call 480-747-1457 and we will let you know where we are for the week! Hope you can make it by!   

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